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Get married & Give Back!

We all have complained about our economy. I complain about the economy a lot, myself. We always wish we had more, or that something was different–there are lots of things about everyday life we wish could be better. No one is at fault for being selfish as all humans are guilty of this in one way or another.  I always wish I had that shiny new lens or I wish I could afford that Alien Bee RIGHT NOW! We all need to remember that there are communities in third world countries that can’t afford $3 garden hoes to cultivate the land to grow crops to feed themselves, etc. We are so lucky to be where we are, and sometimes it is vital to step back and remember that, even on the happiest day of your life….and I have a few reccomendations on giving back in even the smallest ways as you tie the knot!


Toms Shoes are a great company that has had great success in their cause. If you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair to a child in need. They have a variety of styles, including some glittery ones (yes, they have a wedding section) that would work great with that stunning bridal gown of yours! They have shoes for men, women, and children…so no one is left out, including the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, etc! They also have an eyewear section now.





Puravida Bracelets sells waterproof, colorful, handmade bracelets made by artisans in Costa Rica. The cause was inspired by the need to remove trash and debris from our beautiful beaches around the world. 1% of the proceeds go through the Surfrider Foundation (for cleaning up our beaches). The bracelets are also made by artisans and the company is able to provide full-time jobs to these people who otherwise would be out of work. The bracelets are inexpensive, and work great as bridesmaid gifts!
 is an online shop by eBay that sells green, fair trade, and some give back to people/communities in need. They have everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories, bags, home and garden, and other miscellaneous gifts. This might be a great place to mention to your wedding guests as far as your gifts go.




Ethical Weddings is an online community for all things holy-matrimony when it is green, fair trade, organic, local, cruelty-free, etc.  It provides couples with information to have their big day without compromising their values.



I have come across some great examples from celebrities and close friends that have given back through their wedding. NCIS Fans–Actress Pauley Perrette (Abby) got hitched in a thrift gown and asked all guests to donate to charity instead of giving gifts. Last summer–I was in a wedding where instead of clinking the glasses and getting a kiss from the newlyweds just through that–if you hit your glass with a spoon, you had to donate money to Habitat for Humanity to see any kissing…and the more you donated, the better the kiss! You can be creative, or as simple as you need to be…and any help, no matter how small or simple…makes a big difference.

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