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2012 Reflections, 2013 Resolutions – Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I can’t believe how fast 2012 went. A lot of changes happened to me personally, and professionally….but most of all, I can say that I am blessed to have had such a great first year with a full wedding season. I’m still a newbie to the world of professional photography, and I have a lot of work to do to to create a successful business…but I know I have something special, great artwork to offer….the potential is amazing. I’m so very excited to continue this journey. I was unbelieveably lucky with all the great clients I had this year and how far I have come.  I took some time to read through the resolutions I made last year and looking back, and looking ahead…I have come up with these 13 (for 2013) resolutions:

  1. More informative blogs! I addressed this in the post I had written earlier today, but I think some helpful tips and guidance from a vendor is one of the greatest resources any client could ask for. Since I want to specialize in Weddings as a professional, and because prospective brides and grooms have more questions planning such a large, one-shot event, I will try to focus on this aspect of my business…but of course, there is more to life than weddings….I will have some more posts for those as well.
  2. This…website. It’s not the prettiest website out there, and it has served past it’s time. Since I am a small-businessperson on a budget, I have gone through several developers in the process of trying to get a new layout. It has to happen. Thanks for your patience!
  3. Balancing life and photography! Above all, this is what I struggled with most this past year. Working a full-time job and working 10 weddings plus portrait sessions had it’s trials on my sanity and my business. I think that mastering this goal will improve other goals on this list as well.
  4. Better marketing. The business ran itself for awhile, and I fell behind….not having found time to put out a newsletter since *gasp* July….2013 is not as booked-up as I’d like it to be (in fact, it’s scaring me). I’ve honestly learned from letting this slip by, and the value of marketing. It’s not gonna happen this year.
  5. Sleep! Chances are you have gotten emails from me at 2, or sometimes 3 in the morning….regardless of the fact I work 3pm-11pm most of the time in my full-time, bill-paying job…I need to sleep more. Going to bed at midnight or 1 would be a great accomplishment of mine, and more beneficial to my lifestyle and business.
  6. Sell more products. I need to push prints and beautiful products like wall art and albums! These items are beautiful ways to cherish memories and I know my clients would love and appreciate them!
  7. Fabulous turnaround. I have delivered everything on time except for the last wedding…I delivered super fast for awhile before I got buried by too many photos to edit. I need to create better regimented schedules to assist in turnaround.
  8. Organization. I could really use the time to organize my files and client database….and re-evaluate how I organize them. This has never been easy for me.
  9. Master the experience. I’ve created some great relationships with clients this year, and I know I can be more consistent and get even better!:)
  10. Branding. This was on my list last year, and I would consider that resolution mastered, but as identity design is the face of a business…I have some great ideas to polish this further.
  11. Book an out-of-state wedding. It doesn’t have to be a wedding in the 2013 season, but I would like to have a wedding signed and booked for a wedding outside Wisconsin lines by the end of the year:)Just a step closer to my dream of being an international wedding photographer.
  12. Shoot more lifestyle sessions. Weddings are my pride and joy, but these are awesome, too:)
  13. More design work. This also was a goal last year, and I did design a couple things for clients, but I still don’t have a portfolio. Maybe I’ll go back to school and get my major, and not just a minor. Hmmm….

Looking back on 2012 as it is almost drawing to an end…there is only one thing that can truly sum up how I feel about it. Thank you, thank you thank you….THANK YOU! You wonderful, amazing, and beautiful clients…and assistant photographers….I was so truly blessed to be working with every single one of you. How did I get this lucky?! Thank you so much for your business, patience, kindness, and for believing in me as an artist. I feel as though I cannot express enough in this simple blog post…but you were all so great to work with, and I am so glad I got to work with each and every one of you. Here are some favorites from this last year’s wedding season:

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JessDecember 28, 2012 - 9:20 pm

Very nice blog Emily, it is a great idea to set goals and these are good resolutions! I think I can help you out in the “sell more product” department. I am in love with those bamboo mounts and I’m interested in your other products online! Masterpiece like a wedding takes time, and time is nothing to be rushed! You do fabulous work on top of your full time job! You can only get better!

Kayla BDecember 29, 2012 - 12:46 am

All great resolutions Emily, best of luck to you. As much as I love school and think it’s great…unless you don’t think you can make a design portfolio on your own (by making your own projects or whatever) I wouldn’t bother going back and getting that major. I doubled when I was at school, mostly because it was easy to double up…but I’m not really a design person. Again great work and I hope 2013 rocks for you!

wenisbeeDecember 29, 2012 - 8:47 pm

Thank you, Kayla! :)

wenisbeeDecember 29, 2012 - 8:48 pm

JESS! <3 YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY! :) Thank you!!!!!

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