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Class of 2015 Senior Representative Program – Madison WI Senior Portrait Photographer

Lauren, Class of 2012 Senior Representative and current EBA Marketing and Design Intern!


Hello lovely current juniors of the Class of 2015!

I’m a little late on the train with the other photographers doing a similar program, but nonetheless I want to offer this awesome opportunity for all of you!

Okay Emily, what is this “awesome opportunity” exactly?

Your senior photos are very important. They not only go in the last yearbook you may possibly ever be a part of, but they also are an escape from the horridly stark, frozen images of your forced smile against that gray background for those 17 “Picture day” photos in your lifetime. This time, you get to escape that and be yourself and have fun! Your senior photos are all about YOU. You dress the way you want, look the way you want, as well as be where you want to be. I personally LOVE taking senior photos. These photographs also represent a milestone in your lifetime as well as a transition to your future and essentially, adulthood.

EBA is giving students from the Madison and Milwaukee metro areas the opportunity to have a FREE photo shoot as well as awesome goodies for yourself and your friends!

What does this opportunity include?

  • FREE Two-hour photo shoot at ONE location (or two, granted they are close enough to travel to) with as many outfits as time allows. We’ll also throw in a makeup artist at your request!
  • If you refer a friend to have their photographs taken by EBA, they get 20% off their session fee!
  • Recruit THREE friends, and you get 50 complimentary wallets and a $20 gift card to get yourself a treat from Starbucks!
  • Recruit FIVE friends, and you get a complimentary 8×10″, two 5×7′s, as well as a 6 pack of Jones Sodas with your favorite photograph on it!
  • Recruit TEN friends, and you get a complimentary 8×10″ bamboo mount, two mini pocket albums containing your 10 favorite images, and an additional pack of the Jones Sodas.

What’s the catch? How am I eligible?

  • You must be a current junior slated to graduate from high school June 2015.
  • You must attend a high school in either the Madison or Milwaukee metropolitan areas.
  • We are limiting this to 1-2 students per school, therefore there must be a vacancy available for your school.
  • Your shoot must be completed by the end of June 2014 to allow time for recruiting friends with your amazing photos!
  • You must fill out the below application by APRIL 15, 2014.


Note: I have included answers as an example, please delete these when you copy and paste these into the email:)I filled these out with what I would have answered with when I was in high school (God am I old).

  1. What is your name? Emily Bartos
  2. When do you plan on graduating? December or June 2015? June 2005.
  3. What High School do you currently attend, and in what metro area? Menomonee Falls High School, Milwaukee area
  4. Are you going to college, and if so, where? What do you plan on majoring in? I’m going to UW-Green Bay for Musical Theatre (bahahahhahaha)!
  5. Do you have any other plans after you graduate? I plan on working and going on vacation with my family. I also want to continue to do art, perhaps minor in it (HA. I changed my major!)
  6. What are your favorite subjects in school? Art, choir, earth science, theatre lit.
  7. Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities? Jazz Choir, musical, art club, track, horseback riding.
  8. Do you have any favorite music you like to listen to? Musical soundtracks, Evanescence, Beatles, classic rock…a bit of everything:)
  9. Do you have any favorite movies? Probably Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  10. Any favorite TV shows? American Idol
  11. Any favorite memories growing up? There are a lot of those, but I really liked the imaginary games I played with my siblings growing up, as well as our family vacations!
  12. Do you have a favorite part about high school? Choir, the musical, art class, and my friends?
  13. Is there any specific memory from high school that you cherish? The choir trip to California and movie nights with my friends!
  14. How would you describe your personal style? I dress kind of arty I think? I don’t know, I really like plaid and corduroy pants.
  15. Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person, or natural or urban? Probably outdoor and natural.


There are no wrong answers! These questions are the best way for me to get to know you and create the best, individualized portrait experience for YOU! Emily Bee Arts photo shoots are extremely laid-back and fun, taking you away from past experiences of the frozen, forced smile at “Picture Day.” Be yourself, laugh, have fun…we’re gonna make you look awesome (because you already are)!

xoxo emily bee

Boudoir Day I – April 13, 2014 – Madison, WI Boudoir Photographer


Hello Lovelies!

If you happen to follow me on my various  social media sites, as you may know already, EBA is hosting it’s second Boudoir Marathon this coming April 13th at Hotel Ruby Marie here in Madison, WI. We had such a blast last summer, and I’m so excited to do this again and make GORGEOUS photographs of beautiful women again.

In case you are unsure of what this is all about…

What is Boudoir Photography, exactly?  The word boudoir comes from a French term for a lady’s private sitting room or dressing room.  Traditionally, this form of photography is described as sensual or suggestive images of women in candid or posed photographs where the subjects wear very little clothing (commonly lingerie or implied nudity).  Photographs are often gifted to the women’s significant others, and this is still true of Boudoir Photography although the movement has evolved into more of a Feminist art style that promotes inner and outer beauty working to grow self-confidence and self-esteem. This idea makes it perfectly acceptable for a single woman to treat herself to a Boudoir session (5/10 clients last year were single).

The process of Boudoir photography brings a woman into a state of vulnerability as she is quite literally, exposed in her own skin. Every single woman on Saturday was nervous at the start of her session. Through added touches of glamour, lovely and clean light, and words of encouragement and gentle coaxing from the photographer–a woman can be transformed into a full spirit of strength and bold beauty both inside and out. Every client was given a questionnaire so I could gauge their comfort level and the other styling methods of their shoot. Since it is such an intimate form of art, I allowed for the clients to reveal as much, or as little as they wanted to, and whether or not the images were kept private (If they wanted to simply prance around in a sun dress, so be it). I had read about Boudoir and how it can raise a woman up, but I really had no idea to what extent my work could impact someone. The session starts stiff, nervous, and uncomfortable and slowly the client is brought to a place where she feels nothing short of gorgeous. When someone opens up in a state of fear and then after seeing a glimpse of themselves on the LCD screen on the back of my camera reaches out to hug me with gracious tears….that’s when I know I’m doing the right thing. Girl, I’ve been there. It’s a tight, cold, dark, festering place where no one should be resident to. Once you’re out and really alive, nothing is more freeing than to say “D**n, I’m awesome.”

The TOP 10 reasons that you should do a boudoir shoot.

1) They make a great gift for your significant other – Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or just because your lover will look at your photos and just be captivated by how beautiful, sexy, and confident you look in your photographs! EBA offers a variety of discrete keepsake albums to give to your s/o. Perfect to keep in his pocket, desk drawer, night stand, or perhaps some wall art for your bathroom, walk-in closet, or bedroom would suffice. I guarantee they will love it and just be blown away by how fabulous you look in your photos and how fabulous you actually are!

2) How often do you get professional hair and makeup done? – For most people, I would guess that the answer to this question is: “Not very often.” You are beautiful just the way you are, of course, but there is no crime in treating yourself and glamming it up a little bit. Most clients look in the mirror and are like, “Whoa, is that me?” Yes, yes it is.

3) Vulnerability is a good thing – While it is up to you how much skin you would like to expose or not expose at your session, the nature of this photography style is very intimate. Being photographed in this matter forces the subject to be who they are, as they are where they can’t hide behind layers of rushing and baggy sweatpants. While boudoir is a great reward for weight loss/working out, I firmly believe that the body you are in at any time deserves some love.:)

4) It’s an excuse to dress up – or down…nuff said;)

5) You’re gonna get pampered – We WILL pamper you! Tea, makeup, fancy hairdo, glamorous shoot, little gifts…plus it’s just one of the biggest examples of a picker-upper! YOU deserve it!

6) Celebrate something – Perhaps it is being recently single, an anniversary or relationship milestone, the 10lbs you’ve been meaning to lose, a promotion, or no reason at all! I’ll say this a billion times, but you deserve this.

7) Self-confidence – You may feel nervous going to your session, but myself and my staff will work to make this a really fun and laid-back experience for you! Once you see how amazing you look, you’ll forget you were ever afraid.

8) Remember yourself – Perhaps you feel your 20′s, 30′s, or 40′s are your personal golden age? You’ll wanna look back and remember how beautiful you looked, and they’ll remind you how beautiful you still are in the future.

9) Be your own kind of beautiful – I love these sessions because they are so individualized, intimate, and personal. Your shoot will be like no one else’s ever.

10) A gift to yourself – You don’t need to be attached to give this gift to it’s best recipient – YOU. This may be redundant, but you are beautiful and you should love you.:D


We hope to see you on April 13th at Hotel Ruby Marie! We have 3 spots available as of (2/16/13)! Don’t hesitate, book now!

New Framing Option Rollout + Giveaway! – Madison WI Portrait Photographer

So I felt like doing a giveaway. Because, why not.

I’ve also wanted to roll out this product for some time now, and have EBA offer special, eco-friendly framing services!


These gorgeous reclaimed barnwood frames are from Loktah (the same place we get our albums!) and I have been wanting to offer framing for a long time now. These are an eco-friendly option that provide a unique rustic look and complement your gorgeous images that appear to be floating in the glass held by the frame.

Help me officially roll these out by joining our awesome surprise giveaway!

Your prize?

A Mini Portrait Session from EBA (30-45 min, $100 value) + 8×10″ Reclaimed Barnwood Framing of your favorite image from your session ($125 value)!

Once ordered, we’ll feature your session on our blog along with your lovely framed print!

To redeem, simply follow directions of the PunchTab app below to gain entries, share with your friends!

Just a few things:

Contest ends 12 AM January 28th.

Winner must schedule their session to be photographed in Madison, WI by April 30th, 2014!

***This giveaway cannot be used toward Boudoir sessions****


Have fun and GOOD LUCK!:D


Amber StoneJanuary 13, 2014 - 12:44 am

Family portrait

Brian BerryJanuary 13, 2014 - 1:36 am

Family Portrait

Jamie schollJanuary 13, 2014 - 8:04 am

Baby/ kids

Amy E.January 13, 2014 - 11:40 am

Couple portrait plus cat!

Bryant & Lilli (Married!) – Coralville, IA Wedding Photographer

This past August (3rd), my business took me over state lines for the first time.

Suzie and I packed our bags, drove through miles upon miles of cornfields, took quite a few detours, and eventually made our way to Iowa City.

The story began for us when we met Bryant and Lilli in Chicago just before Christmas in late December 2012.  We undertook the privileged task of photographing and Bryant’s proposal and their engagement photos. How lucky we were to follow this young, amazing couple through their journey to the altar and document their special day for them. Lilli & Bryant put together this very lovely, intimate wedding together themselves. I was delighted to find out that Bryant is quite the crafter, putting many of their wedding details together. It was a magical weekend filled with italian sodas with adorable striped paper straws, warm sunlight, roses everywhere, and we truly met some of the nicest people we have ever met.

Thank you, Lilli & Bryant. You both are going to go places (San Francisco!) and have such a wonderful marriage! Much love.


Photographer: Emily Bee Arts

Venue: North Ridge Pavilion (Coralville, IA)

Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal

Jewelry: Brilliant Earth

Jessica & Eric (Married!) – Madison, WI Wedding Photographer

And you can count on me, and you can lean on me….and we can throw our dreams into the wind, they’ll find us again…. -Brandi Carlile (Us Again)

 Love stories are often portrayed as dramatic, extraordinary, and often overblown tales. Not to say that each story isn’t extraordinary, but the idea of romance has been a driving force for humanity since somewhere in history….one human felt something inside that he/she knew was worth living for beyond all things. Who knows who or when that was, but a phenomenon was born, and this little feeling carries on to where we are now. I often find myself frustrated with how this pure emotion has been twisted and displayed as a trite, colorful, empty thing in which to base entertainment off of. I guess I am perhaps also in this business for what I believe in, and to find the real love stories that matter.

Jessica and Eric’s simple, beautiful story was translated into a stunning and charming wedding brought on by an effortless breeze. They make it all look so easy. We are reminded that love doesn’t have to be so difficult.

From fresh farmer’s market and homegrown blooms, music from family and friends, dancing toddlers, a warm spot of sunshine in the country….and even clouds of mosquitoes….this wedding was perfection. It didn’t take much.

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Venue: Lussier Family Heritage Center

Hair: Serena Hesse (Anaala Salon, Atwood)

Dress: Doris Bridal Boutique

Music: Nic Barnum & Father of the Bride

Cake: Bunky’s Restaurant

Flowers: Madison Farmer’s Market & Homegrown by Mother of the Bride

Videographer: Kraig Moreland

Photographer: Emily Bee Arts